The other Art of Weaving


The shafts have been eliminated, so other guiding elements had to be created for the warp. We inserted guiding beams to lead the warp by utilizing hooks. The hooks actually hold the warp threads/filaments in place. They are positioned in a way that interlocks the rows of hooks of the opposite guiding beam(s).

basic position double weave for spacer fabric

weaving atlas/satin

There are two main phases. The first phase interlocks the hooks to let in material from the sides, and the second phase, which does not interlock the hooks, but stays open to let material in from the sides and additionally from above, which is the most important aspect of the invention.
To change between the both phases, a certain action must be made. This can be either the movement of the frame to bring the guiding beam(s) together and back into the open position - or a movement of the hooks themselves.

regular position to insert thread in sheds

open position to let down material from above (or regularely)

Moving the hooks one by one to weave on several warp levels to produce spacer fabrics. Also, additional guiding beams can solve the same problem and can be helpful with other solutions like strenghten the tissue.

As the hooks are loosely fixed, the position of the hooks can change their position. There can be a X on the front warp level, where this happens, but no change at the rear side of the tissue, as the rear warp row of hooks is not influenced. If needed, both sides can be manipulated separately or the same way.

Re-positioning the hooks enables to produce contoured selvedges, and/or the manipulating at only one side of the tissue.

changing the position of two threads crosswise (isotrope)

changing the position of two threads (front and downwards)

When used vertically, the V-Loom in the opened phase uses gravity to let down liquids, stiff bars, or loose, wet, sticky or wobbly material, material with added material, cables and tubes, with or without pre-filled or pre-fixed content, joints, connectors and electrical parts.
The more the V-Loom is placed in the horizontal position, the less influenced by gravity it is.