The other Art of Weaving

Vision and Mission

We see a world full of new textiles to be invented to hit today's targets. Textiles made of recyclable material, e-textiles, textiles for agriculture or medical use. And we see a market of sharing new ideas, best practices, knowledge and insights.

It took 10`000 years to bring weaving up to todays technology. Hopefully, with your ideas the V-Loom can satisfy industrial needs a bit faster.

The V-Loom is simple to use but not easy to build. The exact production of the parts and precise assembling is key, and follows in the tradition of good craftsmanship.

Usually, an inquiry leads to innovation, but we think it can be an additional way to find out what is possible if you sometimes leave the old paths and structures behind. It is not our challenge to implement or integrate the V-Loom technique into your product line. Your inhouse engineers are the perfect people for this very task.