The other Art of Weaving

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Fabrics already made in the V-Loom test model are: spacer fabrics with linked or combined pockets or containers which can be filled in the weaving process already, spacer fabrics with endless weft for closed pockets or container to encapsule material, fabrics with contoured selvedges, fabrics to be tighten or strengthen only on one side or both sides of the fabric, fabrics to be constructed in multi-shed technique, fabrics with a continously changing pattern, and all fabrics to use loose, bulky, heavy, sticky, liquid material to a certain extend, as well as material which consists of two or more components which can be brought together only in the very moment it lies down on a surface or gets in contact with air.

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The V-Loom is our invention to solve different problems in weaving. The official name in the patent files is 'loom with movable guide beams'. Actually it is not only a loom, but a complete new way to weave: The shaft(s) are eliminated, so one has completely free access to the shed from an angle of 180°, instead of access only from the left or the right side.
Additional guiding beams can also be installed under or above the regularlely used two main guiding beams, as shown in the animations.

Videos on YouTube

A sleigh inside the v-loom
Different patterns succeed
this is our basic video: how the v-loom evolved

Patent Pending

The EP4038225 is pending since 2021, May 5th. Being a small team with a new idea, this really was a milestone.

We invite you to enter this space to experience the new Art of Weaving. This space contains a revolutionary way to interweave everything with everything. We can build multiple sheds and combine different patterns by moving the hooks seperately.

Our website is seperated into two parts: the technical view for engineers and manufacturers, as well as the designer's view into the new technology.

The purpose of this website

Our main interest is to spread the technology - manufacturers, engineers or wood craftsmen will realize this in their very own methods and designs. 

We are inventors, not a factory, not a wholeseller and not a shop.

But if you are interested in this technology, we are glad to speak with you.